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Jahrgang 31 (2020), Ausgabe 3

Focus on Postcolonial Cultural Studies. Focus Editors: Jana Gohrisch, Ellen Grünkemeier, and Hannah Pardey

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access

Table of Contents

Table of Contents open-access

Focus on Postcolonial Cultural Studies. Focus Editors: Jana Gohrisch, Ellen Grünkemeier, and Hannah Pardey

Introduction open-access

Jana Gohrisch, Ellen Grünkemeier, Hannah Pardey

Seite 5 - 15

The Dakota Access Pipeline, Indigenous Studies and Political Economy open-access

Sebastian Berg

Seite 17 - 30

Movements and Makings of Tomato open-access

Towards a Postcolonial Culinary Cultural Studies

Kylie Crane

Seite 31 - 46

New Englishes, New Methods open-access

Focus on Corpus Linguistics

Michael Westphal, Guyanne Wilson

Seite 47 - 65

Middlebrow Postcolonialisms open-access

Studying Readers in the Digital Age

Hannah Pardey

Seite 67 - 88

Innovation and Constraint open-access

The UK Literary Field from a Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Perspective

Birgit Neumann, Gesa Stedman

Seite 89 - 105

Against All Odds open-access

The Abject Subject 'Making It' in Post-Crisis Britain

Jessica Fischer

Seite 107 - 120

‘Refugee Tales’ open-access

Asylum Stories and Walks as New Forms of Literary and Political Intervention

Cecile Sandten

Seite 121 - 136

The Invention of Blackness open-access

Racialisation in British Abolitionist and Pro-Slavery Discourse

Marie Hologa

Seite 127 - 148

From the Village Square to the Theatre Hall open-access

Reflecting on the Shifting Grounds of People Theatre in a Postcolonial Context

Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong

Seite 149 - 167

Dancing Back to Multiple Traditions open-access

Postcolonial Cultural Studies and Dance

Julia Hoydis

Seite 169 - 185

Youth, Sartorial Style, and Cultural Signification in Contemporary Kerala open-access

Aparna Nandakumar

Seite 187 - 203


Hitchcock and Dark Romanticism open-access

Hans-Ulrich Mohr

Seite 205 - 225

The Monstrous and the Marvelous open-access

A.S. Byatt's “Dragons’ Breath”

Jack Stewart

Seite 227 - 235


Reviews open-access

Christopher Hansen, Chris Katzenberg, Kirsten Sandrock, Birgit Neumann, Roman Bartosch, Ilka Mindt

Seite 237 - 248

List of Contributors

List of Contributors open-access

Seite 249 - 250

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