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Volume 30 (2019), Issue 2

Selected Papers from the 2018 Conference of the German Association for the Study of English. Editors: Marion Gymnich, Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp, and Klaus P. Schneider.

In Collaboration with: Roman Bartosch, Wolfgang Funk, Marcus Hartner, Julia Hoydis, Irmtraud Huber, Natalie Roxburgh, and Cornelia Wächter

Front Matter open-access

Selected Papers From ‘Anglistentag 2018’

Preface open-access

Marion Gymnich, Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp, Klaus P. Schneider

Page 1 - 2

Table of Contents

Table of Contents open-access

Page 3 - 4

I. What Form Knows: The Literary Text as Framework, Model, and Experiment. Panel Editors: Wolfgang Funk, Irmtraud Huber, and Natalie Roxburgh

Introduction open-access

Wolfgang Funk, Irmtraud Huber, Natalie Roxburgh

Page 5 - 13

The Inventory, the Dissection, and the Literary Character Sketch open-access

Theresa Schön

Page 15 - 29

What – and How – Form Knows open-access

Form, Formalism, and Mathematics in Virginia Woolf's Fiction

Nina Engelhardt

Page 31 - 46

Spoiler Alert open-access

Scott, Science, and Forms of Reenactment in Contemporary Expedition Narratives

Anna Auguscik

Page 47 - 64

II. Narrating the Edges of Humanity: Conceptions of Posthumanism in Anglophone Fiction. Panel Editors: Roman Bartosch and Julia Hoydis

III. Rethinking Confinement: Captive Bodies in and beyond Foucauldian Theory. Panel Editors: Marcus Hartner and Cornelia Wächter

List of Contributors

List of Contibutors open-access

Page 175 - 176

Style Sheet

Style Sheet open-access

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