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Jahrgang 31 (2020), Ausgabe 2

Selected Papers from the 2019 Conference of the German Association for the Study of English. Editors: Oliver von Knebel Doeberitz, Jonatan Jalle Steller

In Collaboration with: Jens Elze, Kai Wiegandt, Stefanie Schäfer, and Wieland Schwanebeck

Front Matter open-access

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents open-access

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Selected Papers From ‘Anglistentag 2019’

Preface open-access

Oliver von Knebel Doeberitz, Jonatan Jalle Steller

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I. Canonisation in Times of Globalisation and Digitisation. Panel Editors: Jens Elze and Kai Wiegandt

II. “Funny Men:” Masculinities and Ridicule in Anglophone Cultures. Panel Editors: Stefanie Schäfer and Wieland Schwanebeck

An Introduction in Three Jokes open-access

Stefanie Schäfer, Wieland Schwanebeck

Seite 69 - 76

Dickens and the Comedy of Camp open-access

Franziska Quabeck

Seite 77 - 91

Mention the War open-access

British Sitcoms and Military Masculinity

Anette Pankratz

Seite 93 - 109

Ricky Gervais's Sentimental Men open-access

Nele Sawallisch

Seite 111 - 125

Toxic Masculinities and Acid Humour open-access

Late-Night Comedy in the Age of #MeToo

Ulla Ratheiser

Seite 127 - 138

The Imitation Competition open-access

Masculinity in Comic Midlife Crisis in Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Trip’ Series

Lucia Krämer

Seite 139 - 151

Laughable Old Men open-access

Conceptions of Ageing Masculinities in the Britcom

Franziska Röber

Seite 153 - 169


Reviews open-access

Joachim Frenk, Sandra Dinter, Jens Martin Gurr, Mario Ebest, Paul Longley Arthur

Seite 171 - 180

List of Contributors

List of Contributors open-access

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