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Founding Editor: RÜDIGER AHRENS

Publication: 3 issues per volume
Number of pages: approx. 720 pp
e-ISSN: 2625-2147

Anglistik publishes articles on the entire range of the English Studies, covering linguistics and literary studies as well as teaching methodology. A special concern of this journal is to introduce the reader to innovative questions and new research developments. A book review section presents new publications from all fields of English Studies.

Anglistik is published triannually (Spring, Summer, and Winter) on behalf of Deutscher Anglistenverband, the German Association for the Study of English. All issues published since 2012 are available digitally via open access.





Issues in preparation:

Issue 31.3 (2020)
Focus on Postcolonial Cultural Studies
Focus Editors: Jana Gohrisch, Ellen Grünkemeier, and Hannah Pardey

Issue 32.1 (2021)
Focus on English Linguistics: Varieties Meet Histories
Focus Editors: Daniela Kolbe-Hanna and Ilse Wischer

Issue 32.2 (2021)
Focus on Orality, Literacy – and the Digital? New Perspectives on Language of Immediacy and Language of Distance
Focus Editors: Sarah Buschfeld and Sven Leuckert

Issue 32.3 (2021)
Focus on Perspectives on Literature and Interdisciplinarity
Focus Editors: Jens Martin Gurr and Ursula Kluwick

Issue 33.1 (2022)
Focus on Video Games and English Language Education/ Designing Hybrid Learning Spaces
Focus Editors: Daniel Becker and Frauke Matz

Issue 33.2 (2022)
Selected Papers from the 2021 Conference of the German Association for the Study of English
Selection Editor: N.N.

Issue 33.3 (2022)
Focus on Ecological English Language Teaching
Focus Editors: Roman Bartosch and Christian Ludwig

Issue 34.1 (2023)
Focus on British Fictions of Class since 1945 – Revitalising Class in the Twenty-First Century
Focus Editors: Felix Sprang, Katrin Becker, and Benjamin Kohlmann



Current Issue

Issue 2 / 2020

Selected Papers from the 2019 Conference of the German Association for the Study of English. Editors: Oliver von Knebel Doeberitz, Jonatan Jalle Steller


Oliver von Knebel Doeberitz, Jonatan Jalle Steller

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