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Volume 34 (2023), Issue 3

Focus on Border Narratives. Focus Editors: Kirsten Sandrock and Lars Klein

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access

Table of Contents

Table of Contents open-access

Focus on Border Narratives. Focus Editors: Kirsten Sandrock and Lars Klein

Border Narratives open-access

Kirsten Sandrock, Lars Klein

Page 7 - 18

The Border Turn in Literary Studies open-access

Border Poetics and Figurations of Border Crossings

Astrid M. Fellner

Page 19 - 34

Beyond the Anglosphere open-access

Some Thoughts on Why Anglistics Should Consider Contemporary Literature in German

Barbara Korte, Christian Mair

Page 35 - 51

The Kinopolitics of Recent Irish Border Fiction open-access

Katharina Rennhak

Page 53 - 67

“‘over the road,’ ‘over the water’ and ‘over the border’” open-access

Political, Social, and Mental Borders in Anna Burns’s ‘Milkman’ (2018)

Ralf Haekel

Page 69 - 83

“A Magic Frieze of the Past” open-access

(R)Evoking Borders in Michael Hughes’s ‘Country’ (2018) and Sarah Moss’s ‘Ghost Wall’ (2018)

Caroline Lusin

Page 85 - 99

Michael Hughes in Conversation with Caroline Lusin open-access

(‘The Irish Itinerary’ Podcast 30, 24 February 2022)

Michael Hughes, Caroline Lusin

Page 101 - 110

“No Happiness without (B)order” open-access

Brexit Hauntology, Collective Ecstasy, and Transgression in Niall Griffiths’s ‘Broken Ghost’ (2019)

Mark Schmitt

Page 111 - 124

Border Aesthetics, Resistance, and Europeanness in David Greig’s “Anti-Brexit” Theatre open-access

Gioia Angeletti

Page 125 - 140

Adaptation as Border-Crossing Practice in Ali Smith’s ‘Autumn’ (2016) open-access

Anja Hartl

Page 141 - 154

The Representation of External and Internal Borders and Their Interaction with National Identity in Ali Smith’s Seasonal Quartet open-access

Dennis Henneböhl

Page 155 - 170

Boats and Borders open-access

Floating Identities in John Lanchester’s ‘The Wall’ (2019)

Victoria Herche

Page 171 - 183

Afterword open-access

Kristian Shaw

Page 185 - 188


Reviews open-access

Larissa Pia Zoller, Joanna Bellis, Anne Enderwitz, Roland Weidle, Simone Broders, Anja Müller, Virginia Richter, Katrin Althans, Helga Schwalm, Merle Tönnies, Stefanie Hundt, Joe Trotta, Jeanne Cortiel, Stephen Yeager, Raphael Zähringer

Page 249 - 280

List of Contributors

List of Contributors open-access

Page 281 - 283

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